Please find this section of the page presenting some of the most interesting and memorable pictures from the many weddings I had an opportunity to take part in – with my camera. These are those little moments which I like most… Here you will find wedding photos of each of the part of the Wedding Day. Wedding preparations – full of the magical details and emotions which are always there on that day. Wedding ceremony pictures – from all the charming churches, chapels and cathedrals. Those little moments which last not longer than just a blink of an eye – gestures, looks, smiles or tears – you can find it all in the ‘Ceremony’ part of this album. There are many photos taken during the wedding reception, full of energy, laughter and dancing people; craziness and toasts to the young couple. Finally please find photographs from after the wedding session (optional) – where many couples opt for a more relaxed additional photo session (normally taken a day after the wedding), where we visit different locations and can have more fun without the wedding’s rush, guests, nerves etc.

If this is not enough please feel free to drop me a line and arrange an appointment to talk about different options and see more of my photography work.