AJ Wedding Photoraphy over Christmas time…

It has been a looooooong time since the last post. Although I promised myself to be updating this blog more recently I failed. It has been the Christmas time that made me thinking it is the right time to change it.
As long as wedding photography was concerned over Christmas, I was also thinking about differences in documenting weddings across different cultures and countries, what of course may have its roots in habits and different styles the whole wedding and the big day is organized in. Following that thought I am still trying to find an answer to my question – why is it not so popular in the UK to have a separate wedding photo session with a relaxed wedding couple, most likely taking place on a separate day as it is very common in other countries ??

Hardly ever there is enough time on the wedding day to spend few hours extra on photo shooting, although those wedding pictures can be the most precious and love showing, involving only the young couple in various locations and perhaps even various stylization if there is a theme involved. It could be a romantic walk in the park with them holding each others hands or an intimate time drinking hot chocolate in their beloved cafe… or both plus anything else to make the whole wedding photo session varied.
I would be most happy to find out that the below few wedding pictures I had the opportunity to take in the last years of my wedding photography changed a little bit the way the young couple could think about their wedding pictures, or the way those could look like.

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